We organize the Trekking for you. You just enjoy hiking.

A Pas d’Isard is the company that develops and provides these routes.

We are a small mountain travel agency, formed by mountain guides and local development technics specialized in sustainable tourism in natural areas. A lot of love for our landscapes, and a lot of passion for the nature which surrounds us

A Pas d’Isard is born out of the love for our country, its culture and its landscapes and the desire to discover every corner step by step. We would like to share with everybody willing to, the historical paths of these routes, the intense experiences generated by mountaineering, the discovery of this magnificent scenery and the conversations with people in the area that will enrich our discovery. We encourage you, therefore, to join in with us.

- Francesc Blasco, from the company Atlas Natura. True master mountaineer, and creator of the Carlit 50 Lakes.

- Xavier Campillo, from Perícia Caminera. Our benchmark in the understanding and deep appreciation of the world of hiking. To have come across him in our particular “life journey” is a present that we bear always in mind.

- Pep Hubach, from Corriols de Llum. Graphic artist for the project, the excellence in forging and photography.

- Maribel Vela, whose valuable advice and experience were key to get the project started.

- Anna Manyach, from Refugi Rebost. Kindness itself in her advice on the management of self-guided tours, specifically of Cavalls del Vent and Ruta de l’Ermità.

- Joan Freixas, from Cavalls del Vent, also thanks for the advice.

- Pep Vega, from Pedales del Mundo, generous counselor.

- Joseph DUNYACH responsible for the Comité Départemental de la F.F.R.P. of the southern trails of the Canigó and Alt Vallespir, as well as Transborder Manager at C.P.I.T. (Standing Committee for transborder routes) all along the Pyrenees. Nobody knows his territory like him.

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